Prep For Your Real Estate Future With CAM Test FAQs

Anyone who is planning on a future in rental property management will eventually have to undergo the CAM test. CAM stands for Certified Apartment Manager, and is a credential that shows you have the skills and knowledge necessary to operate an apartment complex or other rental community.

Looking to prep with some additional knowledge? Take a look at some common questions posed by people just like you about the CAM test so you can get all of the knowledge you need under your belt.

How many questions are on the CAM test?

There are a total of 175 questions on the CAM exam. All of these questions will present you with multiple choices that you will have to choose an answer from.

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How does the CAM test work?

The CAM exam will be taken online, and you will have to answer a certain amount of questions correctly out of the ones presented to you to successfully pass. It is also timed, and you will usually have up to four hours to work your way through the series of questions on the exam.

To help ensure that no one taking the test attempts to cheat, all people taking the test will have to make sure their computer is equipped with a microphone and webcam to be able to take the exam.

How much does it cost to take the CAM test?

There will be a $300 fee that you will have to pay in order to qualify to take the CAM exam.

Study and Get Ready!

Once you think you are ready to take your test and have everything you need to qualify, then it is time to buckle down, study hard, and take the test. Once you have passed your cam test in Nevada, you will be all set to begin your future in rental properties.